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The South African Plastics Recycling Organisation (SAPRO) represents the plastics re-processors in South Africa. Its members procure sorted, baled end-of-life plastics and re-process it into raw material.

The recycled material can be used to manufacture new plastics products. South Africa is amongst the top recycling countries in the world.

The Organisation is funded by its members and assists recyclers in Building a recycling industry that is respected and acknowledged by government, industry and the public.

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Why Recycle?

Tackle the Landfill Crisis

In South Africa, the landfill capacity is fast becoming an impending crisis. With only 7.5% of South African’s recycling, we currently have over 90% of waste produced ending up in landfills.

Support Waste Pickers

Waste pickers saved government R748.8 million in 2014 through their informal recycling services. However, their value is not recognised.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Recycling helps to reduce the production of waste, and thereby reduce the chemicals and gasses produced in landfills.

Did you know, in 2017


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According to Stats SA

12,1 % of Metropolitan households do not have regular refuse removal as recorded in 2015 and 64 % of all households have formal waste management.

60% Of Incoming

Material was sourced as baled materials from the formal sector, collectors and waste management companies.

Most Widely Recycled

Material is still PE-LD and PE-LLD packaging films (34%), followed by PET beverage bottles which showed a steady increase over the last 4 years (22%), PE-HD bottles, drums and crates represent the third largest recycled polymer in 2017 (20%).

It Is Estimated

That 52 300 workers received an income through the supply chain, 700 more than in 2016 (These include self-employed waste pickers and employees of smaller entrepreneurial collectors).

More Than 210

Bona fide recyclers have been identified operating in South Africa; 30 % of the recyclers convert 80 % of the tonnages. Among the recyclers surveyed in 2017, 50 % were at least granulating, washing and pelletising.

Upcoming Events

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SAPRO Best Recycled Plastic Product Awards 2019

Date: 6 November 2019

Venue: Cape Town

It’s that time of the year again, when we host the Best Recycled Plastic Product of the Year Awards, aimed at raising awareness and showcasing  the wide variety of ingenious products that are locally designed and manufactured using recycled plastics. The event is a cornerstone of SAPRO’s strategy to grow the demand for plastic recyclate, and help improve market acceptance of locally manufactured recycled plastic products, inspire innovation and encourage new entrants into the market place.

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