Platinum Design Principles

Best In-Class Design For Recycling

SAPRO has launched the Platinum Design Principles certification

The SAPRO Platinum Design Principles is the certification for packaging with the Best In-Class Design for Recycling. Products carrying the trademarked Platinum Design Principles badge are certified for retaining the highest material value for recycling. This is awarded to brand owners to form part of their sustainability campaigns.

This is a consumer awareness program to help customers identify products that prioritized recyclability in their packaging designs over flashy marketing tricks which often lead to unnecessary waste. Products displaying the badge are easily identified by consumers as a sustainable purchasing choice.

Consumers are being informed about the significance of the Platinum Design Principles badge through various media channels and a QR code which can be placed on packaging alongside the badge, which directs them to the SAPRO website consumer information page.

In order to qualify for the Platinum Design Principles certificate and badge, a product should at a minimum, meet the threshold recycling rate of 30% which determines if an item is allowed to be labelled as Recyclable with OPRLs. Furthermore, the packaging item must be:

  1. Best-In-Class (design for recycling)
  2. Retains the highest value recycling loop of polymer

“Class” is a grouping of similar items, and is determined by:

  •   Format (bottles, trays, tubs, etc),
  •   Product contents

The recycling loop of polymers refers to the typical applications of recycled material from this packaging item. In most cases colours, additives, adhesives and mixed polymers would reduce the recycling value of the material.

As designs improve over time, certain products will be replaced as the “Best In-Class”. Therefore certificates last for 2 years from date of approval, after which a renewal application is available.

Brand Owners who would like to apply for the Platinum Design Principles certificate should request the Information Pack and Application Form through our Online Contact Form (below)